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Birds and Clouds Birds and Clouds

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Polyphonic sounds = poopie

I love the mixed in instrumental sounds/percussion and synths.. but some of the synths have a simple kind of polyphonic sound to them that don't really fit in so well with the more real/higher quality sounds.

Beats cool, love the opening.

triangleshower responds:

oh boy, here's an old one!
yeah the whole polyphonic sound resulted from me unwisely changing the tempo after recording with an analog synth. I was too lame back then to chance it.

Rainy Day (incomplete) Rainy Day (incomplete)

Rated 3 / 5 stars


The music box plinky sound is way too loud at parts.. Im sure you noticed, but shouldn't be hard to fix for a big improvement.

I think the piano with a bit of a thick reverb so it sounds more sustained would be cool, and it would also make the song flow better in my opinion.

I think you should keep working at this.. hopefully there isn't a completed version on your page that I've missed. :P

With some smoothing up, this will be a pretty neat song.

Gave a low overall, it IS incomplete.

Magic Dolphin Magic Dolphin

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Im not much of an instrumental/piano kind of person.. though this is well made and peiced together, I think theres a few parts where it feels like if someone actually where playing the piano, they had to pause, and figure out the next chord.. kind of choppy at parts.

Altogehter I think this is fairly impressive.. I've tried my hand at soloist instrumental peices, and found it very difficult. What ended up happening was a sort of weird frogger electronic remix sounding thing. :P

Whats up with the name?

triangleshower responds:


Jump into the Beat Jump into the Beat

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Chill

Hey, you reviewed something of mine, so here I am returning the favor. The fat bass riff comes in beautifully, very very smooth, the beat is simple but worked in well. Beginning strings I think set up the song quite well, it would be sick if they were used later on in the song. The first main synth thats heard, has a kind of glitchy sound to it, works great at the beginning, but I think as the song progresses, it kind of has a weak feel to it, sort of begins to to sound cheap.

Over all though I think this is a pretty cool song, not quite house though cause of the nature of most of the synths.

Dj Cargo = Flute gate Dj Cargo = Flute gate

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool stuff

Not my prefered style of music to listen to, but I can still appreciate your skill and the songs that you have on this page. My only advice would be that you use the mixers effects and tweak a bit more to create a more original sounds. Stay away from the presets as much as you can, and I think your music will really improve.

bjoaierjbioaerjgoerj responds:

Thanx for the review!